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Hi, I’m Barbara,

Entrepreneur, Stage Designer, ‘Not Just Headlines’-Advocate and Optimist with unshakeable Determination and a passion to unpack “YOU”, unleash your vision, and use the Power of YOUR ‘Encoded Identity’ to put your vision ‘on stage’.

I’m eager to know YOU — women who dream big and want to back it up with solid, sassy, significant and supreme steps to ‘The Top’ — whatever ‘The Top’ means for you. Women who don’t just want to ‘work on it’ — but ‘get to it’!!!

I’m all about Determination, Direction & Clarity and have been like that for as long as I can remember. Having spent years in hospital during my childhood and youth, undergoing surgery, rehab, and confounding the medics by doing the seemingly impossible – walking, running and eventually dancing. It was my never-ending optimism – I WILL GET THERE – that intensified the determination that runs through my life. Nothing could ever stop my energy and drive.

I have always been an inquisitive rebel, relentlessly exploring human potential for flowing success and authenticity. Discovering Stage Design, and qualifying Honours with a Master of Arts, combined my passion for people, creativity, structure and direction.

I believe it’s not possible to find excitement and significance unless you understand who you really are. Peeling back the layers, ‘unpacking’ you, is my innate ability. It sets you on the path to success by embracing your ‘Original’, your ‘Encoded Identity’ – your firm and concrete foundation.


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I truly believe there is Success waiting for Everyoneand the World is waiting for YOU.
  • Does it look like you ‘Have It All’ — Yet you still Feel Empty?
  • Do you wonder — Where YOUR Dream Has Gone? 
  • Do you almost accept — That Success is unattainable?

With my program Unpacking People™ I will show you how to discover:

  • The Blocks that Pause you — FILL THE VOID
  • Your elusive Dream – and bring ‘IT’ Back To Life
  • YOUR Spinning Wheels – for ‘Success That Flows’

The world is waiting for YOU…

And I mean ALL of you

Your ORIGINAL version — With your Unique Strengths

Your Sense of Humour

Your Diverse Experiences

Your Exquisite Mind… and especially Your Heart.



Founded from my passion and determination to find a solution for cultural and personal displacement I started MetaMorphosOz — an Australian based Personal Development and Performing Arts Organisation for which I am Director and Ambassador.

As a Stage Designer I had my first experience of an Aboriginal Dance Theatre in my native Austria. It fascinated me, uprooted me and found me travelling to Australia to learn more about these people, their culture and their dance. I lived and learned under the guidance of an Aboriginal Elder (a life-altering experience!!!) which rewarded me with another crucial cornerstone to finding ‘Success that Flows’. I also discovered that cultural and personal displacement can play a major role on the path to success and fulfilment. That’s what MetaMorphosOz is all about.

We believe that valuable outcomes are achieved through positive, determined and demonstrable actions. And we present this understanding in both our Dance Performances and Workshops… to highlight human determination — turning Adversity into Victory and Success.

My extensive work studying and researching human behaviour both through theatre and cultural experiences led me to where I am today, combining all of this in my training, my workshops, my work.

‘You have to know where you are coming from to know where you are going to.’



Alexandra Gallili, NetherlandsLeading Artist & Yoga Pathfinder
“I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do but kept arriving at dead ends. Barbara showed me a clear path, got me to my goal, and I’m now the leading Art & Yoga Pathfinder for busy Mum’s and their Kids.”
Devorah Rivers, SwitzerlandPermaculture Educator & Edible Landscape Consultant
“I knew from our first call that I wanted to work with Barbara! I was burned out trying to follow methodologies that didn’t feel aligned for me and were only dragging me down. Through working with Barbara, I was able to embrace my unique skillset and talents so that I could create my business with more ease and joy. I adore her ability to read between the lines, see what is needed and give clear, actionable advice while holding me accountable to keep my work fun and vibrant!”

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Whether you want to turn your part-time calling into your full-time métier, take your existing enterprise to new heights, or just starting to unravel your idea to bring it to life — let’s get started…